Here is a sample of my YELP REVIEWS.

  • ” DQ is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I sent a desperate email to him after I moved and my cats were not settling in my new home. They were peeing anywhere and everywhere. I was at the end of my rope and I had no idea how to correct the problem. At this time, any and every soft surface that had not been destroyed was covered in tinfoil or large plastic drop clothes to avoid being ruined. Like other reviews mentioned, I filled out the forms prior to his arrival. When DQ arrived I was beyond excited to see him. He was very thorough looking at my entire home and he spent a considerable amount of time talking about the issues. I didn’t feel rushed at all. He made several recommendations which I put into play in the following days. I emailed him after the visit a few times and had a call with him. He always made himself available when I needed him. I can happily say the urine is now only where it should be…in the litter box.

    The one thing that was evident in working with DQ is his undeniable love and understanding for cats. He really thinks like a cat would. I interpreted certain behaviors one way when in reality the message the cat was trying to send was completely different. His heart is in this business for all the right reasons. I can’t recommend him enough.” ~ Amanda.

  • “From the moment I reached out for Daniel’s expertise to help with my poor nervous kitty being bullied by our other aggressive cat, and urinating in places outside of the litter box, I was greeted with nothing but professionalism and superb customer service. At the time I called Daniel, I was seriously desperate as the urination outside of the box was becoming literally a daily challenge. He got back to me asap, and within hours I was on the schedule for an in home consult for his next availability. He said he would be at my home at 1pm and he in fact did arrive at 1pm sharp! I was very impressed by his promptness. I cannot thank him enough for his advice that he has given my husband and I to help with our multi cat household. He was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and gave us advice that we never would have even thought of. Just by his observations, he knew exactly what was happening with our cats before I even told him. His steady, calm, and knowledgeable demeanor attracted even our most aggressive cat toward him. Thanks to his strong expertise we have started to make the improvements he has suggested and even though it has only been a few days there has been NO urination OUTSIDE of the box! Whoo hoo! Daniel, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in solving this problem! You are truly the best and seriously rock!!!” ~ Bernadette.
  • ” When our orphaned kitten, Lucky, came to us at 4 weeks old, we thought, “It’s just a kitten…how hard can this be?”

    One year later, the answer is this: Really hard. Cats can be really freaking hard.

    Lucky is a highly energetic, yet sensitive soul…and after a series of moves, her need for attention and fear of new people in our home reached its peak. Oh, and it had ruined our social life. So, we called Go, Cat, Go.

    DQ replied quickly and arranged to visit us in San Jose just a few days later.  When he arrived, Lucky was clearly displeased by his presence (as is her norm with all visitors), but DQ took it all in stride and let Luck go about her business while he observed. DQ is a very calming presence, and it was obvious he’d spent time reviewing the lengthy notes I’d sent him in advance. Even when Lucky put on her best hissy show, the one that might send the average guest out the door, DQ was not fazed and kept chatting with us about his thoughts on Lucky’s behavior and potential fixes.

    Within two days, DQ sent us a TON of information and recommendations specific to Lucky’s situation. It turns out our scaredy cat isn’t so scared after all…she’s just one territorial high-energy princess.

    In the past two weeks, we’ve incorporated lots of DQ’s suggestions, and our home has definitely become calmer. It’s not perfect, but we’re so much closer to a livable situation.

    Most of all, DQ made us feel affirmed about the good work we’ve done with Lucky thus far, informed about our kitty’s unpleasant behaviors and empowered to make changes in our home. Previously, we had spent lots of time asking vets about her behavior, reading books and articles to find answers…all to no avail.  But within a few hours, DQ gave us a whole new perspective on what makes our little beast tick, and how we can better orchestrate our home and behavior to work with, rather than against, our furry friend.

    Huge thanks to DQ. Lucky might not have loved him, but we sure do! :)” ~ Bethany

  • ” Daniel is passionate, serious, and dedicated to his profession of understanding and treating cat behaviour.  I’ve known him for many years now and it’s clear that he’s dedicated his life towards better treatment of felines in need. You’ll find that Daniel is a dedicated and passionate professional who will get to the bottom of understanding your cat’s behaviour and turning it around for the better.  A solid choice!” ~ Mike P.
  • ” This man was born to teach!  Daniel has over a decade of experience working with felines and his passion is spreading what he has learned.  Lucky us! I have watched dozens upon dozens of students leave Daniels class feeling empowered, inspired and ready to…slow down and watch.  He has taught us to be better advocates and better friends to the divine feline.” ~ Mandy N.
  • “We are very grateful to DQ for helping us with a tremendously difficult agression-related situation we had with our 5-year-old abyssinian cat.

    She went from being a 5-lb. easygoing, devoted, cuddly goofball to a terrified, aggressive, highly agitated cat that we were afraid to be in the same room with after we returned from a vacation last fall.

    DQ’s experience with and understanding of cats was obvious right away when he came for a consultation. He was able to recognize some of the factors that may have been increasing her anxiety and gave us a idea of how common this can be in cats, which helped eliminate some of the mystery. He was very responsive to all our emails, professional, a good listener, and a super personable, really cool guy in general.

    He seemed to put out an overall calming and non-invasive energy that not only allowed him to interact with our distressed cat but also really rubbed off on me. After he left I actually felt real hope that other people have gotten through similar situations with their anxiety-ridden or hyperesthetic cats–very important to us because at that time we had spoken with several vets who didn’t seem to have any experience with this.

    Our kitty is now back to her wonderful self, with some help from some meds that help her very much. It took a combination of some great specialists at VCA and the at-home interaction with this very experienced and intuitive cat expert to make our lives normal and happy again. We are very grateful to DQ and would recommend him highly to anyone!” ~ Heidi.

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