Services & Fees


  • Interview & email questionnaire to gather information on your cat’s behavior
  • A thorough and realistic action plan
  • Activity & enrichment recommendations
  • Free Email & telephone follow-up for the first 60 days.

In home behavior consultations :

San Francisco County: $250-275 per visit. (Follow up visits $200)

Alameda County: $250-$275 per visit.

Santa Clara County: $300- $350 per visit.

Contra Costa County: $275-$350 per visit.

Marin County: $300-$325 per visit.

Sonoma County: $350 per visit

San Mateo County: $275-300 per visit.

(Fee structure slides based on distance, car, tolls and time for consultations that are outside of San Francisco County).

Out of county clients may experience delays in scheduling due to my SF demand.

Consultations via SKYPE : $30 per 15 minute time slot.(One hour for $120)

I accept  major credit/debit cards, paypal, google wallet Venmo, checks & cash. Payment due at appointment.

Does your cat need a life coach? I’ve got the winning plays!

    • Litterbox avoidance and Spraying
    • Petting-induced and Play Aggression
    • Cat to cat aggression
    • Cat to dog aggression
    • Fearful or Undersocialized behavior
    • Attention seeking behavior
    • Scratching
    • Excessive meowing
    • Nocturnal Activity
    • PICA (fabric or plastic ingestion)
    • Nail clipping assistance
    • Integration of newly adopted cats to the household
    • Environmental enrichment (Cat-friendly make overs)
    • Adoption Matchmaking or advisement on the right match for your resident kitty

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