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  1. Veronica borovina says:

    Hello I just saw this form I did dm you but I’ll fill Thai out too. I have a very territorial female cat who’s become very hissy and growly and myself and the other two male cats . She’s always been indoor but she’s taught herself how to come and go through our dog door . She loves to be outside. Since she’s been doing this she’s changing. The hissing and the growling when she comes into the house , particularly the cat room . I also recently rescued a Tiny male and she’s pretty nasty to him too . I don’t want him hurt . I did the separation and the the slow into and that’s worked with the male cats . She’ll growl and hiss at me now because she smells him on me . I do keep him downstairs when I’m not home for fear of her hurting him .

  2. Rosetta Reider-Smith says:

    Hi there,
    I have been needing to find a cat behaviorist for my cat. He is 11 months old and bored, scratched, pounced way too often and even if I introduce toys to him if I stop for a minute he’ll come right back and bite. He does this to everyone in my home or even guests who come over. I need help controlling this behavior and making him stop attacking so violentley.

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