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  1. Lawrence Philips says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I have what I think is an unusual cat problem – I wonder if you can help me and my cat Ignatz.

    Ignatz is an (about) 7 year old savannah cat, a small one. He came to live with me about four years ago. He is an outdoor cat and catches lots of rodents, mostly voles, moles, mice and rats, which the neighbors really appreciate. Although originally he got let out during the day and then would make sure to get himself let in for the night before I went to bed, this last spring he decided he wanted to be a night cat and insisted on staying out all night. He would show up for “breakfast” when I was getting ready for work, and then come in for a few hours when I was relaxing at home at night. Some rainy days he just wanted to stay at home all day, resting up i guess 🙂

    About a month ago his behavior changed: he can no longer tolerate being shut up in the house – even for a minute! He wants to come in and get fed and visit and play as usual, but if I close the door behind him he gets upset and sets up a yowl, scratches the door, and won’t eat. The only thing that seems to work is if I keep a door open – then he eats and visits, but he won’t settle and he keeps a close eye on the door the whole time. I have to think that he had some kind of traumatic experience getting shut up somewhere strange. He doesn’t wear a collar (breakaway collars do their job and breakaway, and I got tired of replacing them on Ignatz), so somebody might have tried to ‘help’ him.

    This is already a problem, and if I have to leave town I’m not sure if my usual plan for him, having my very helpful neighbor come in and feed him, will work under this new behavior problem.

    Any ideas?

    – Lawrence

  2. Lydia Carlson says:

    Hello Daniel,

    My husband and I need your help or advice desperately! This is our situation:

    We have to black cats. One female and one male. They are about ten years old and they love each other! Well they did up until recently. My husband and I live in an apartment on the first floor with a screened in patio. Our cats love going out on the patio all the time and normally we just leave the door open during the day to the patio so they can come and go as they please. Two weeks ago I went to bed early and my husband was up until about midnight. Turns out he left our female cat out on the patio all night and the male was inside. When he opened the door our male cat ran outside and they started to fight right away. They have never done that!! Our female cat was a little aggressive with us that day but calmed down and we separated the cats right away. We know she has redirect aggression towards our other cat and have been trying to reintroduce them for the last two weeks and now she will hiss at the male cat when she sees him or if he gets too close.

    What else can we do? We have a poster board up with their food dish in the middle but it is hard to get them to eat at the same time. The female cat is also picky and won’t eat the wet food or treats except catnip. Please help us!! We want to get them to love each other again!!!!

    Lydia Carlson

  3. sarahhoughton says:

    Newly blended cat family – 2 females meshing with a brother/sister pair. The one male cat, normally sweet and cuddly with everyone and everything, has turned into a territory patrolling attack cat. Every time he catches even a glimpse of the other new female cats he goes into berserker mode. We’ve done everything behaviorist books recommend regarding gradual introduction, but he remains aggro. He’s even been on Prozac two months to no avail. You were recommended by a friend. Willing to help? Please?

  4. Hi Daniel, I need your help to correct my 4-year-old ragdoll’s pooping problem. I clean his litter box everyday and I’ve been washing his litter box on a weekly basis. He’s been acting perfectly fine until this past four month. Over the past 4 month he starts to poop outside his litter box on a more consistent basis. started with once every month to once every week to now which is a couple of times a week. I live in SOMA. Please let me know your thoughts and get back to me with your estimated cost for a consultation.


  5. Hi Daniel, I am hoping you can help me as I am out of ideas. I have a very serious problem with cat aggression. I have two sibling cats that I adopted at 5.5 months old. They are now 4.5 years old. My female is very confident and easy going and self plays without issue. My male is incredibly tightly wound and aggressive toward humans. It started with him just being sort of “spring” like as a young cat. He would often just pounce off me and scratch me in the process. It was a little scary but manageable. As he started getting a little older, he starting hissing at visitors to my home. This went on for about a year. Then he started swiping at visitors. A friend who was staying here told me that he just ran across the room and swiped at him, drawing blood. Then I had a boyfriend who would stay here on weekends and the problem got worse. He could be sweet as pie cuddling up with him one moment and swipe at him the next. The swiping got so bad that I started putting nail tips on him. Then one day he was curled up in his armpit and then out of nowhere just sunk his teeth right into the guys arm! I was there and saw the whole thing. We were all just totally relaxed on the bed. That boyfriend was pretty tolerant but afraid. When he would get up to use the bathroom at night, he would take a toy with him to distract the cat. But neither one of us could ever relax. Since he and I broke up a few people have stayed here and he is viscously attacked all of them. It just keeps getting worse. He will run from across the room, wrap himself around the leg of the visitor and sink his teeth in as deep as he can go. He got me once trying to get someone else pretty badly. I am seriously concerned I will have to put the cat down or that I will get sued by a visitor. 98% of the time he is a sweet cat, but I am constantly fearing he will attack me or someone else. He has seen a couple of vets and tried several medications. he is currently on Clompramine, but i don’t beileve it does anything. i did nave a behaviorist come to the house but she seemed really afraid of the cat and she also asked me to do some things that just didn’t seam feasible. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!! I know you are in SF and I am in NYC so if you can offer advice or recommend someone local that would be amazing. I think often of rehoming him and I know he is impossible to re-home so I worry I will have to go with the last resort… He can’t possibly be happy and it is ruling my life as I can not have anyone to my home.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Erin Lindley says:

    Hi! I’m a friend of Laura Watts and she suggested I contact you about our cat, Kidee. It’s a long story, but we’re basically having problems with Kidee peeing and now pooping on the couch and other places. I would love to talk to you! Please let me know if you can help. We are in LA and my husband is ready to give Kidee away. ☹️

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