I'm so thankful for DQ for helping my housemates and me with the introduction of our cats. As new cat owners, we have so many questions and worries on whether we are doing the steps right in introducing older cats, but DQ was there with solid information to guide us in the right direction, as well as giving emotional advice on how it's okay to make mistakes. Whether it was a consultation, or a quick question through email DQ Was responsive and gave so much insight on cat behavior. I would definitely go to him again if my partner and I ever see a future with more kitties

thumb Merlissa A.

  I just finished my meeting with Daniel and he gave me solid advice on my cats redirected aggression. I just needed some reassurance as I already did research myself, but he was still able to provide me with more advice that I didn't think about previously. He was also super nice, funny, and knew a lot about cats! I'll be booking with him again if I need anything else vs going to Google lol

thumb Aja M.

  I am so happy we came here for help with our 6 month old kitten, Arti. We are new cat parents so this meeting was so helpful and informative to better understand our cat's behavior (anxiety, hissing, stranger danger) and ways we can work with it. We were also able to use the advice to the next level and just adopted another kitten! Arti and his brother are getting along great now too and a lot of our anxieties are eased since we understand more about our cat, his behavior, anxiety, and needs. Thank you for all of the tips and resources!

thumb Kim H.

  DQ has helped us & our kitty Burtis so much. Burtis was an outdoor stray we've been trying to bring in for about 5 years. He got sick a couple months ago and his vet recommended that he be indoor only.  He's about 8-10 and lived outdoor only his whole life. It's a lot to adjust to for him and for us. DQ has been able to help us understand what Burtis needs and how he may be thinking. He's helped us make sure that Burtis' indoor world is interesting and comforting. He's not only helped Burtis but helped us humans too (I'm a massive worrier & helicopter cat parent haha). We still have work to do & adjusting to do, but DQ's help has been invaluable. His system for appointments & payments is so easy to use.  Worth every penny! Will use again for sure. He is kind, very knowledgeable & we had a wonderful experience. Thank you DQ! Note: this is all through Zoom, so you don't need to be in the Bay Area to benefit!

thumb Christine B.

  We recently adopted a kitty and we were having issues with him whining at our bedroom door at 4am every morning, sometimes even earlier. My boyfriend and I are new cat parents so we had no idea how to stop this and we were so frustrated (and tired). I was worried that the consultation wouldn't be as helpful without having an actual in-home visit. We talked to DQ for 30 minutes and he was super helpful not only with this issue but also helping us to understand our kitty's motivations and behaviors. He suggested that we find a room to have the kitty sleep in at night. Unfortunately, the only room available was the guest bathroom. I was worried about it being small and not very cozy but we put his kitty bed and toys in there and he's been sleeping in it ever since. Not only is he not crying at our door in the morning, but we also don't have to worry about him getting into things over night or causing trouble. While this change sounds small, it has literally improved our lives dramatically. I actually think our kitten likes having his own little space, he never cries when we put him in there at night. This consultation was the best $60 I have ever spent. I would highly recommend DQ's services if you are having cat issues.

thumb Kim H.

  DQ was amazing! We signed up for a 30-minute virtual session for my cat Charlotte, who is VERY food motivated (especially at 4 in the morning)! My partner was skeptical at first about hiring a cat behaviorist because he thinks we spoil our cat enough (which is true).

However, we were at our wit's end with figuring out how to prevent Charlotte from tearing up the house in the middle of the night to get fed. DQ was patient and gave really great tips on how to handle her behavior. My vet had gone straight to recommending drugging her at night :/ I would recommend him to anyone who may be having issues communicating with their cat!

thumb Dyanna Q.

  My husband and I are so thankful for DQ's help.  We were having a hard time transitioning our new cat to our home.  She was hiding all day and yowling at night, which was really heartbreaking for us.  We tried a lot of internet suggestions but didn't have any luck breaking this pattern.  DQ gave us really great, easy suggestions to implement right away - and wow, did we see a huge change in our cat's behavior!  Although she is still nervous and will dart back into her safe spaces, she is exploring more throughout the day and playing with us too.  She even sat near us on the couch, which was such an amazing experience.  Also - huge bonus - no yowling at night so far 🙂  I would definitely recommend DQ to anyone - he is just so nice and so kind too!

thumb K Y.

  DQ is amazing! Around a year ago my husband and I adopted a senior himalayan/tortie persian from a coworker. Our cat, Putty, was super sweet and loving but had a severe litterbox aversion (she LOVED going on the carpet in our apartment - in the corners and behind the tv). We reached out to DQ after trying countless internet suggestions (with no help) and reaching out to the vet who gave her a clean bill of health. DQ came in and provided lots of meaningful suggestions and introduced our cat to a lot of different play toys (which she LOVED). We followed all his suggestions (daily play time with her new favorite toys, new litter-box accommodations, etc.) and two months later she was only using her litter box. So awesome! I would highly recommend DQ to anyone whose cats are having behavioral issues.

thumb Katharín L.

  We were having issues with one of our cats attacking the other. DQ was such a great help, offering simple changes we could make to keep them both busy and mentally stimulated to prevent any fighting out of boredom. I love that I can leave for work knowing they'll get along while I'm gone. Thanks DQ!

thumb Anna H.

  Daniel is amazing. He wrote the Foreword to my new book The One Minute Cat Manager and was a delight to work with. He's knowledgeable, smart, and great with cats. I would trust him with any one of my five felines. He knows what he is doing and I think he's top in his field. Go Daniel Go. AND, thank you for the great Foreword! Hugs.

thumb Kac Y.
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