We rescued a cat that was on the euthanize list in April. Our rescue clearly came from an abusive household. In our home now we have two other cats and luckily we have a bedroom that we made just for her with her own litter box, fresh water and food. She is a major lover at times, however is super cautious never leaving her room. Back in July, DQ and I did a zoom call offering us many solutions to our current living situation. I implemented all his recommendations within a week and got our house prepped for my 3 cats. The one who would not come out of her room now started coming downstairs! She's still a little freaked out at times, but she made massive strides since we've taken DQ's advice. We can tell she is gaining more courage and is such a love bug. We are really grateful for the wonderful advice and hope she continues to make these dramatic improvements. Thank you so much DQ! Meow!

thumb Diana G.

  Like many folks did during the early pandemic, I adopted 2 kittens from different litters, about 1 month apart in age named Flash and Smokey. I have to admit, I didn't do all the right things when I first introduced them. That combined with Flash's health issues that took a year to diagnose created a stressful environment for our other kitten Smokey, and therefor a stressful household. I was doing all the "by the book" things but they just still weren't clicking and I was having doubts they would ever get along.

After trying to remedy the problems on my own with YouTube videos and reading, I realized I really just needed someone to talk to about my specific situation. That's when I found DQ online and did a 1 hour zoom consultation. It was soo eye-opening and helpful! DQ does a great job of understanding both the human and cat perspective to troubleshoot where you/your household can improve. He was direct and spent time reading the initial consultation form I filled out online so it really felt like time wasn't wasted and we were able to hop right into having a productive consultation. His prices are fair for the results and you can have a follow up consultation too.

For our kittens, it was necessary to provide them enrichment at home in ways I hadn't yet - giving Smokey treats when Flash was having a flare up, separate toy time for each cat, toy puzzles and just a better general understanding of play VS fighting made a world of a difference. They are now 2 years old and while they still play fight, I know the difference and can better interpret their body language and attitudes to see where I can provide them more enrichment to maintain a peaceful household. I highly recommend DQ to anyone seeking to improve their relationship with their cat or looking for multiple cats to co-exist peacefully. Thanks DQ!

thumb Danielle C.

  With only four months before our wedding this year our cats got into two really big fights. One of them would defecate and urinate themselves and the other one would terrorize the other cat, corner her, all the awful things you can imagine cats doing to each other. They have been together for eight years and we weren't sure how to remedy the situation. We visited from our vet, which was useless and only made things worse. We looked at behavioral specialists and could not find a single one available until fall of 2022. That is where DQ came in.

We were determined to support our pets and DQ put in just as much effort. We had such an educational experience with him. And didn't just learn about our cats potential triggers, but nutrition and fear free-based work that our pets truly need. He made numerous life-changing recommendations that included more litter boxes, changes in litter and other products that have helped soothe our pets tension.

We are back to being a functional family after 75 days since the first time we split the cats up. It was not easy and the process was grueling. From double baby gates, to sleeping in separate rooms, and changing our schedules...it was all possible because of DQ's encouragement and guidance. We understand our cats needs better and we are better cat parents because of this.


thumb Alexis A.

  If you are struggling with cat(s) behavioral issues, I definitely recommend reaching out to DQ! One of our cats began attacking the other (after 5 years as extremely loving siblings) and we didn't know what to do. We had to keep them in separate rooms and couldn't leave the house for more than a few hours at a time. After a session with DQ, we began to implement his recommendations (patience is key). We were also able to reach out to him for words of encouragement, share some progress videos and ask for feedback, etc. After 2 to 3 months, we were finally back to normal and are happy to report our cats snuggle every night again. We are so happy! Thank you DQ!

thumb Anna M.

  DQ has a great, unique perspective on kitty behavior and boundaries. I have had the pleasure of working with him on two separate occasions, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for information on how to integrate a new kitty into your home. DQ was very honest with me about possible limitations, but also wonderfully eye-opening in terms of getting me to see things from my kitties' perspective. He also has a delightful sense of humor. Rates are reasonable!

thumb Catherine M.

  We implemented everything that Daniel suggested. We were at a loss because nothing we were doing was working. We had made assumptions about what the issue was and we were able to get an outside perspective and learn what was really not working for our cat. It's been over a month now and it is like we have a whole new cat. Momo is thriving, he is so much happier, spends more time with us, and is clearly feeling safer. We feel lucky that we get to know our cat on a deeper level thanks to Daniel. We appreciate all of the guidance and would recommend Daniel a million times over!!

thumb Craig D.

  DQ is absolutely a miracle worker. And this review is long overdue! My kitten was having litter box issues. Essentially she knew how to use her litter box but she was also urinating on furniture and elsewhere. I met with DQ on Zoom and his advice was spot on. I made the changes he suggested, and DQ followed up with me to see how my kitten was doing. My cat has not had any problems since I made the changes and she's now one year old. DQ is a gem, and I'm so thankful we have this cat whisperer.

thumb Mimi W.

  We did an online consultation and it was VERy helpful. DQ gave us his full attention, gave us lots of tips and suggestions and helps us regain control of our cats/home situation. We now have 3 kitties who all get along. I recommend DQ as your cat whisperer!!

thumb Moira N.

  I'm so thankful for DQ for helping my housemates and me with the introduction of our cats. As new cat owners, we have so many questions and worries on whether we are doing the steps right in introducing older cats, but DQ was there with solid information to guide us in the right direction, as well as giving emotional advice on how it's okay to make mistakes. Whether it was a consultation, or a quick question through email DQ Was responsive and gave so much insight on cat behavior. I would definitely go to him again if my partner and I ever see a future with more kitties

thumb Merlissa A.

  I just finished my meeting with Daniel and he gave me solid advice on my cats redirected aggression. I just needed some reassurance as I already did research myself, but he was still able to provide me with more advice that I didn't think about previously. He was also super nice, funny, and knew a lot about cats! I'll be booking with him again if I need anything else vs going to Google lol

thumb Aja M.
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