I am so happy we came here for help with our 6 month old kitten, Arti. We are new cat parents so this meeting was so helpful and informative to better understand our cat's behavior (anxiety, hissing, stranger danger) and ways we can work with it. We were also able to use the advice to the next level and just adopted another kitten! Arti and his brother are getting along great now too and a lot of our anxieties are eased since we understand more about our cat, his behavior, anxiety, and needs. Thank you for all of the tips and resources!

thumb Kim H.

  DQ has helped us & our kitty Burtis so much. Burtis was an outdoor stray we've been trying to bring in for about 5 years. He got sick a couple months ago and his vet recommended that he be indoor only.  He's about 8-10 and lived outdoor only his whole life. It's a lot to adjust to for him and for us. DQ has been able to help us understand what Burtis needs and how he may be thinking. He's helped us make sure that Burtis' indoor world is interesting and comforting. He's not only helped Burtis but helped us humans too (I'm a massive worrier & helicopter cat parent haha). We still have work to do & adjusting to do, but DQ's help has been invaluable. His system for appointments & payments is so easy to use.  Worth every penny! Will use again for sure. He is kind, very knowledgeable & we had a wonderful experience. Thank you DQ! Note: this is all through Zoom, so you don't need to be in the Bay Area to benefit!

thumb Christine B.

  We recently adopted a kitty and we were having issues with him whining at our bedroom door at 4am every morning, sometimes even earlier. My boyfriend and I are new cat parents so we had no idea how to stop this and we were so frustrated (and tired). I was worried that the consultation wouldn't be as helpful without having an actual in-home visit. We talked to DQ for 30 minutes and he was super helpful not only with this issue but also helping us to understand our kitty's motivations and behaviors. He suggested that we find a room to have the kitty sleep in at night. Unfortunately, the only room available was the guest bathroom. I was worried about it being small and not very cozy but we put his kitty bed and toys in there and he's been sleeping in it ever since. Not only is he not crying at our door in the morning, but we also don't have to worry about him getting into things over night or causing trouble. While this change sounds small, it has literally improved our lives dramatically. I actually think our kitten likes having his own little space, he never cries when we put him in there at night. This consultation was the best $60 I have ever spent. I would highly recommend DQ's services if you are having cat issues.

thumb Kim H.

  DQ was amazing! We signed up for a 30-minute virtual session for my cat Charlotte, who is VERY food motivated (especially at 4 in the morning)! My partner was skeptical at first about hiring a cat behaviorist because he thinks we spoil our cat enough (which is true).

However, we were at our wit's end with figuring out how to prevent Charlotte from tearing up the house in the middle of the night to get fed. DQ was patient and gave really great tips on how to handle her behavior. My vet had gone straight to recommending drugging her at night :/ I would recommend him to anyone who may be having issues communicating with their cat!

thumb Dyanna Q.

  My husband and I are so thankful for DQ's help.  We were having a hard time transitioning our new cat to our home.  She was hiding all day and yowling at night, which was really heartbreaking for us.  We tried a lot of internet suggestions but didn't have any luck breaking this pattern.  DQ gave us really great, easy suggestions to implement right away - and wow, did we see a huge change in our cat's behavior!  Although she is still nervous and will dart back into her safe spaces, she is exploring more throughout the day and playing with us too.  She even sat near us on the couch, which was such an amazing experience.  Also - huge bonus - no yowling at night so far 🙂  I would definitely recommend DQ to anyone - he is just so nice and so kind too!

thumb K Y.

  DQ is amazing! Around a year ago my husband and I adopted a senior himalayan/tortie persian from a coworker. Our cat, Putty, was super sweet and loving but had a severe litterbox aversion (she LOVED going on the carpet in our apartment - in the corners and behind the tv). We reached out to DQ after trying countless internet suggestions (with no help) and reaching out to the vet who gave her a clean bill of health. DQ came in and provided lots of meaningful suggestions and introduced our cat to a lot of different play toys (which she LOVED). We followed all his suggestions (daily play time with her new favorite toys, new litter-box accommodations, etc.) and two months later she was only using her litter box. So awesome! I would highly recommend DQ to anyone whose cats are having behavioral issues.

thumb Katharín L.

  We were having issues with one of our cats attacking the other. DQ was such a great help, offering simple changes we could make to keep them both busy and mentally stimulated to prevent any fighting out of boredom. I love that I can leave for work knowing they'll get along while I'm gone. Thanks DQ!

thumb Anna H.

  Daniel is amazing. He wrote the Foreword to my new book The One Minute Cat Manager and was a delight to work with. He's knowledgeable, smart, and great with cats. I would trust him with any one of my five felines. He knows what he is doing and I think he's top in his field. Go Daniel Go. AND, thank you for the great Foreword! Hugs.

thumb Kac Y.

  Daniel came to our house to help us with our 4.5yo Tabby names Coco. As loving and sweet as she was to my wife and me, she was positively mean and nasty to our 2 boys, aged 3.5 and 1.

She never warmed up to our first son. Her tepid approval of his arrival turned into hissing, menacing behavior, and even scratching. She scratched him in the face twice. The process repeated itself, thought less intensely, with the arrival of our newest son. She once scratched him in the eyelid when he approached her. We were always living in fear of the next incident.  Something had to change.

That's when we decided to get help. I did my research and found Daniel, and we set up a time for him to visit our house. He spent a few hours with us observing us and Coco, and answering any and all questions we had. We learned a great deal talking to Daniel about WHY Coco does what she does. It helped provide a context to her behavior. He gave us some simple to follow tactics to employ-homework for us- to help manage Coco's behavior. We've been consistent with the homework.

It's been 3+ months since his visit, and we haven't had another incident! Just yesterday, without us knowing, the baby snuck up on the cat, pulled himself up to her at face level and put his hands all over her head and face. She didn't lash out at all!

I had to let Daniel know how thankful we are for his help! Call him if you need help with your cat!

thumb David G.

  Had a remote consultation with Daniel (via FT) and I am very happy with the advice he gave me.  I have 3 cats going through food transitioning issues, He made some feeding recommendations, introduce food  puzzles, licking mats, etc. Also gave me tips on how to get my two 7 y/o cats to get along better with the 1 y/o. Daniel is just full of information and knowledge about cats... everything he suggested is working, I'll definitely consult with him again in the future.

thumb Soledad H.

  I just adopted two 5 year old cats from the SPCA and wanted to help them have a smooth transition to their new home. Daniel showed me some fun and effective ways to coax them out of their "safe spot" (underneath the bed), gave me great guidance, answered all 397 questions I had and shared a lot of promising resources with me.  Thank you Daniel!

thumb Diane R.

  We used Daniel's services 2 years ago and were thoroughly impressed. Our two cats had gone through some difficult experiences that year (we had to move out of the only house they have known during a remodel and one cat had an accident). Because of these stressful experiences, our two cats who have lived together all their lives started fighting. These were scary and violent fights that we had never seen before. After a couple weeks, we contacted Daniel. At the in-house consultation, he assessed our situation very quickly and gave us several concrete recommendations to help our cats re-acquaint and stop fighting. After implementing his advice, the cats stopped the frequents insane fights almost right away. Within a few months, the rare little fights stopped as well. Thank you, Daniel, for helping our babies!

thumb Anna L.

  DQ is amazing. I contacted him for my cat persistently urinating on my bed, and he was quick to respond to my initial message and to set up an appointment. He surveyed my apartment, studied my cat, and offered an actionable list of steps to take in order to diagnose and fix the issue. I appreciated his methodical and knowledgeable approach!

While we haven't rid my cat of her peeing problem entirely (partly because I've been less than diligent in doing my homework), we've at least reduced its frequency.  I'm no longer at struggle-not-to-burst-into-tears-and-impulse-email-a-cat-behaviorist-for-help-at-midnight levels of stress.

Watching DQ in action was enlightening. DQ has a very Zen attitude that sets both cat and human nerves at ease. My cat doesn't like strangers, but DQ was patient and kind. He's amazingly empathetic and respectful of her boundaries. He had her playing at the end of the session.

I learned a lot about how to diagnose litterbox problems, catify an apartment, and how to play with cats -- but more than that, just viewing the way that he treated my cat with respect and empathy was a lesson in itself.

I will definitely be calling DQ again the next time I have a cat issue.

(And yes, all my acquaintances gave me weird looks when I told them that I was essentially getting couple's therapy with my cat.)

thumb Jenny W.

  We hired GoCatGo for a consultation w.r.t. our very shy cat. It was not an extreme case but we hoped to build on his professional opinion and to get some custom tips during a house visit. We were happy with the consultation and valued his useful tips.

thumb Hendrik G.

  DQ has a calming effect on both cats and people!  He was very encouraging with my goal of introducing a new kitten to my territorial incumbent cat, and he had lots of helpful suggestions in preparing for it and for life afterwards. He also explained my role as house mama to both, and that it may be necessary for me to give the two furballs some time with me not in the immediate picture. I've tried this, and amazingly, the incumbent cat's growls and hissing were replaced by by icy silence and a hint of curiosity. So it's promising!  Thanks Daniel!

thumb Jay E.

  We had a great conversation with DQ and took away logical and reasonable next steps to help make our Maine Coone and Bengal live more in harmony with each other. As many others have said, DQ allows you to think from a cat point of view. We've noticed great improvement post his visit and would highly recommend him. Just remember, he doesn't fix the situation, he gives you the tools to do it yourself.

thumb Ryan G.

  I have been following DQ on social media for a while.  We got an adorable 8 month old kitty (Winston) that was acting insane (as kittens do) and bothering our other cat, Lily, relentlessly. Winston wasn't a cat with terrible problems but we wanted to make sure we were doing the right things, early on in his life so that we wouldn't have to worry about taking away bad habits.

We had DQ come to our house in Richmond to see Winston and Lily.  DQ  showed us ways to "catify" our place without buying a bunch of stuff, and rather just moving things around.  We moved out cat tree, next to some existing shelves and it gives the cats a view of a large part of the house.  Its one the kitties favorite places now!  DQ also recommended the best toys that both cats love and participate in playing with.  Winston is totally engaged which takes his aggression away from Lily. Things have definitely improved since DQ's visit.

DQ knows his stuff and explains the cat personality so well, you really start to understand life from a feline point of view.  Its so much easier once you realize that cats live in the moment and don't act out with revenge, spite or any other human emotion we tend to attribute to them. They are just cats and they do whatever they feel.

thumb Suzanne L.

  DQ is fantastic, we are so glad to have worked with him. We have a Bengal who is an amazing and very challenging cat. He has always been very vocal, but when my boyfriend and I moved in together it got a lot worse. DQ came to our house and made some suggestions that involved giving this very active cat the stimulation he needs to stay happier. We have definitely seen an improvement and our lives are more mellow.

DQ is very easy to work with and has great communication skills and empathy. We had seen another cat behaviorist who was very difficult to work with and gave us a lot of suggestions that were not realistic for our lifestyle. We were very happy to find that DQ is so personable and was able to work with us in a way that we feel fits us much better. He is also very responsive to email and reliable. Look no further, DQ is the best!

thumb Dorothy M. H.

  It was a pleasure to work with Daniel! My cat displayed some misplaced aggressive behavior to my boyfriend last summer (stalking, and pouncing his ankles, biting) and we didn't know the best way to handle a smooth re-introduction.

Daniel came over within a week of our first email exchange and gave me so many great tips to keep my active and anxiety-prone cat happy and a step by step plan of what to do to reintroduce my boyfriend and cat.

We have been following Daniel's advice for the past two months and so far it has been going very well. My cat and boyfriend, while not best friends, have been getting along well and without any aggressive incidents.

The thirty minute home visit from Daniel was so illuminating and made me realize how little I knew about reading my cat's moods and behavior. I now feel more confident as a cat owner to recognize and understand my cat's behavior and know when he might be getting over stimulated, and what to do in that situation.

If you are having kitty trouble, definitely give Daniel a call! Daniel is there to support you and ease your cat woes.

thumb Emily S.

  DQ was so helpful in providing practical suggestions we could use with our cat, Wilson. We have seen great progress in his behavior since implementing the practices and rituals that DQ showed us.

thumb Jen G.

  Daniel was fantastic. Truth be told, our little Scottish Fold, Wallace, wasn't having any MAJOR behavioral issues. However, there were a few things that we wanted to address. Sure enough, Daniel gave us a MUCH better understanding of Wallace's behavior, including insight into some of OUR bad habits...things we wouldn't have known without his insight. Since Daniel visited, things with Wallace have really improved, and we feel like we understand our kitten much better. Thank you Daniel!

thumb Ryan K.

  Daniel was super nice however I had already tried many suggestions I had found doing my own research and he didn't have much more to add. My problem is still not resolved.  I understand cat behavior consulting is not an exact science, but I am disappointed I didn't get much value out of my consultation and follow up emails.

thumb R X.

  I'd been a fan of go cat go on Instagram for awhile, though I'd never needed his services. When we moved to a new place, our formerly feral cat couldn't get back in the litterbox routine and was suddenly making a mess of the joint. I didn't know what to do! I scheduled an appointment, and in the meantime, Daniel gave me some tactics to try. Well, it worked! A bigger pan and new litter was all we needed. I canceled my appt, but not without offering to pay for his time and advice, but Daniel wouldn't take it! Couldn't have been more classy (or helpful). Highly recommend!

thumb margo s.

  Daniel is an amazing talent. I've never met someone with a better understanding on feline behavior.  He is able to find a solution to any behavioral issue.

thumb Chris P.

  With Daniel's recommendations, our cat became much calmer and happier within a few days. Totally recommend!

thumb Roberto A.

  I want to add my praise on top of all the other great reviews Go Cat Go! has received. I have had my cats (two sisters) for 11 years, but a few years back one of them decided to stop using the litter box for #2s. I tried everything I could think of, and consulted many online cat blogs about litter box issues, but no luck. For years I lived with the routine of cleaning up droppings from the laundry room and kitchen floors, and trying to keep my wife sane through it all.

Finally I went to Yelp and found Daniel's service. Making an appointment was easy and I filled out the questionnaire on his website. When we met, Daniel was very professional and good with our kitties. I could tell that our particular issue was not one that Daniel could immediately solve, but after taking a look at our space and discussing some of the other behavior I had noticed, Daniel proposed a few theories about what was happening. A few days later I changed our litter box configuration just slightly, and the results were almost immediate. After 2 years of avoidance, we have had only one incident of avoidance in the past 5 days, which is remarkable. During this entire time Daniel also encouraged me to reach out to him to let him know how things were going, and this was very helpful.

Another thing to praise about Go Cat Go! consulting is that Daniel gives great overall advice about ways to improve your cat's quality of life. I have bought a couple of cat toys over the years but never anything that my cat's enjoyed for more than a few hours. Unsolicited, Daniel recommended a number of toys that my cats have gone crazy for, and he even showed me how best to use them. It really worked to change the routine way I was engaging with my cats, and it was well worth the fee for an hour of Daniel's time. I can't recommend him enough.

thumb Jess G.

  AMAZING SERVICE! This guy genuinely cares about cats and knows his stuff. I reached out to him regarding an issue I'm having with my cat and he gave me some advice right off. Most services wont disclose anything until you submit a profile. This is a good honest man that is in it for the right reasons.

thumb Merideth D.

  I have spoken with Daniel twice about our difficulty integrating new young cats with our older female. Though we don't live in his area (so couldn't have an in home consult) we used Skype for the appts. I appreciated his detailed information gathering prior to the first session (we filled out a questionnaire about the cats and history of the problem).
Daniel  was so calm, knowledgable and helpful regarding the issues we have been dealing with, and came up with strategies that have been useful and effective. I am so glad we found him (from a friend on FB).

Our cats are doing better and gradually making a reasonable adjustment to each other. I feel better able to respond appropriately to our kitties, and so I feel less anxious and worried about them. I really thought we wouldn't be able to help them live more  comfortably together, but things a significantly better over a 3-4 week period.  I highly recommend Go Cat Go if you have behavioral issues with your cat/s and are seeking help. Daniel is great!

Update 3-13-16: Our cats are living much more comfortably together. This morning they were laying together on our bed, relaxed and comfortable. They are all eating in the same area, their choice. Yes there are occasional hisses and swats, but no big fights. A peaceful truce. I thank Daniel for his excellent advice and strategies. I know now things will keep getting better. Thanks Daniel!

thumb Janice R.

  DQ is a cat taming wizard. While all of my friends made fun of me for hiring a cat behaviorist, I can say with full confidence that this service was worth every penny.

In one hour, Daniel was able to identify the problem and suggest easily implementable solutions. I took all of his advice and behold! My cat no longer pees on my couch when I leave for more than 6 hours.

If you are looking for someone to help with cat training or behavior, DQ is your man!

Thanks for helping me live harmoniously with Kitty Time. Over and meowt.

thumb MEGAN M.

  DQ is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I sent a desperate email to him after I moved and my cats were not settling in my new home. They were peeing anywhere and everywhere. I was at the end of my rope and I had no idea how to correct the problem. At this time, any and every soft surface that had not been destroyed was covered in tinfoil or large plastic drop clothes to avoid being ruined. Like other reviews mentioned, I filled out the forms prior to his arrival. When DQ arrived I was beyond excited to see him. He was very thorough looking at my entire home and he spent a considerable amount of time talking about the issues. I didn't feel rushed at all. He made several recommendations which I put into play in the following days. I emailed him after the visit a few times and had a call with him. He always made himself available when I needed him. I can happily say the urine is now only where it should be...in the litter box.

The one thing that was evident in working with DQ is his undeniable love and understanding for cats. He really thinks like a cat would. I interpreted certain behaviors one way when in reality the message the cat was trying to send was completely different. His heart is in this business for all the right reasons. I can't recommend him enough.

thumb Amanda D.

  On the edge of wringing your cat's neck? Don't. Hit up Daniel Q (his last name has a lot of letters and I butcher pronouncing it).

Out of all the cat behavioralists I inquired with, Daniel was the most reasonably priced and very prompt to respond to my emails. I was getting really fed up with Max, my male cat, urinating on my bed and couldn't figure out why.

Before my in-home consult for my 16 pounder tabby, I had to do my homework to give DQ a better idea of Max's lifestyle and history. The in-home consult was great--I felt he spent the proper amount of time with me and my cats, made suggestions of things to change, and answered all of my questions. Didn't feel rushed and after he left, I followed up with plenty of emails for him which were responded in less than 24 hours!!

I highly recommend Daniel and credit his expertise to reducing my stress and frustration about Max.

thumb Jessica S.

  From the moment I reached out for Daniel's expertise to help with my poor nervous kitty being bullied by our other aggressive cat, and urinating in places outside of the litter box, I was greeted with nothing but professionalism and superb customer service. At the time I called Daniel, I was seriously desperate as the urination outside of the box was becoming literally a daily challenge. He got back to me asap, and within hours I was on the schedule for an in home consult for his next availability. He said he would be at my home at 1pm and he in fact did arrive at 1pm sharp! I was very impressed by his promptness. I cannot thank him enough for his advice that he has given my husband and I to help with our multi cat household. He was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and gave us advice that we never would have even thought of. Just by his observations, he knew exactly what was happening with our cats before I even told him. His steady, calm, and knowledgeable demeanor attracted even our most aggressive cat toward him. Thanks to his strong expertise we have started to make the improvements he has suggested and even though it has only been a few days there has been NO urination OUTSIDE of the box! Whoo hoo! Daniel, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in solving this problem! You are truly the best and seriously rock!!!

thumb Bernadette H.

  DQ is a true cat whisperer!  He helped my boyfriend and I understand my cat's "feline status aggression" and we have seen an absolute 180 in her behavior!  She went from being very hostile and hissing when approached by anyone besides myself and now she's a "normal" lovely cat.  I  can't thank DQ enough and highly, highly recommend!

thumb Sarah M.

  DQ is our hero! For the first time in six weeks with my cats I feel like I have some hope that they will get along, and I learned a ton about them and how they perceive me. I am trying to integrate a rescue cat into my home and my resident cat is unhappy, so they fight. Thanks to DQ, today was the first day I've ever seen them be in the same space together and behave like happy cats. It was like magic. And now I know exactly what I need to be doing to help them be comfortable with each other. He also gave me great tips on cat toys, and how to keep my new, more energetic cat feeling engaged and happy. Life saver! Wish I had called him six weeks ago!

thumb Neal P.

  DQ is simply the man with a cat plan. Do not spend another day stressing about your fussy feline(s) and give this man a call and magic WILL happen if you're willing to do the work he suggests.

I integrated a rescue cat into my home where I have an old resident female. Needless to say she was not that excited about her bigger, submissive male roommate. I worked for three weeks on my own, by the books, and felt I could use new tips from an expert. DQ to the rescue.

He is a lovely man. Very warm (and funny should you jive outside the cat convo) and really knows cat behavior. Part of our hour was talk, and the other just him observing my creatures, taking notes and getting them to interact with one another both peacefully and unhappily. He gave me some homework and was on his merry meow way.

Don't waste another minute looking for help - contact DQ stat. Meow!

thumb Meredith R.

  We decided to adopt a second cat and wow my older cat was not happy about it. When a cat goes to war it can be a pretty stressful situation!  I thought I was a savvy cat person, and we had done all the right things about introducing them, but we needed help. If we could not work things out with the new kitty we would sadly have to bring her back to the shelter. DQ visited our flat and observed the situation, then coached us via email. He gave very practical advice and was optimistic but also sensitive to the reality that things might not go the way we all hoped. We learned to provide lots of positive reinforcement whenever the new cat was in the presence of the older cat, and to be observant and give them a time out before any hostility escalated. And we learned to be patient and let the older resident take to the interloper at her own pace.  Things improved step by step.  After a month we are delighted that our two girls are living very harmoniously.

thumb rosemary p.

  I cannot say enough good things about DQ! He came to our house to help us figure out how to help our cat RT. He is so nice and thorough, he listened and studied the layout of our home and offered eye-opening solutions. At no point did we feel judged or criticized. He truly is an encyclopedia of cat behavior. I would highly recommend DQ to anyone who wants to understand their cat better.

thumb Natalia M.

  I always connect with Daniel when I'm in need of cat advice.  Not only does he speak cat, he has have years of experience dealing with various breeds and situations.  He tells it like it is and keeps it simple and gives the steps that you can understand and follow. He's a cats best friend!

thumb Joan M.

  We are very grateful to DQ for helping us with a tremendously difficult agression-related situation we had with our 5-year-old abyssinian cat.

She went from being a 5-lb. easygoing, devoted, cuddly goofball to a terrified, aggressive, highly agitated cat that we were afraid to be in the same room with after we returned from a vacation last fall.

DQ's experience with and understanding of cats was obvious right away when he came for a consultation. He was able to recognize some of the factors that may have been increasing her anxiety and gave us a idea of how common this can be in cats, which helped eliminate some of the mystery. He was very responsive to all our emails, professional, a good listener, and a super personable, really cool guy in general.

He seemed to put out an overall calming and non-invasive energy that not only allowed him to interact with our distressed cat but also really rubbed off on me. After he left I actually felt real hope that other people have gotten through similar situations with their anxiety-ridden or hyperesthetic cats--very important to us because at that time we had spoken with several vets who didn't seem to have any experience with this.

Our kitty is now back to her wonderful self, with some help from some meds that help her very much. It took a combination of some great specialists at VCA and the at-home interaction with this very experienced and intuitive cat expert to make our lives normal and happy again. We are very grateful to DQ and would recommend him highly to anyone!

thumb Marie H.

  When our orphaned kitten, Lucky, came to us at 4 weeks old, we thought, "It's just a kitten...how hard can this be?"

One year later, the answer is this: Really hard. Cats can be really freaking hard.

Lucky is a highly energetic, yet sensitive soul...and after a series of moves, her need for attention and fear of new people in our home reached its peak. Oh, and it had ruined our social life. So, we called Go, Cat, Go.

DQ replied quickly and arranged to visit us in San Jose just a few days later.  When he arrived, Lucky was clearly displeased by his presence (as is her norm with all visitors), but DQ took it all in stride and let Luck go about her business while he observed. DQ is a very calming presence, and it was obvious he'd spent time reviewing the lengthy notes I'd sent him in advance. Even when Lucky put on her best hissy show, the one that might send the average guest out the door, DQ was not fazed and kept chatting with us about his thoughts on Lucky's behavior and potential fixes.

Within two days, DQ sent us a TON of information and recommendations specific to Lucky's situation. It turns out our scaredy cat isn't so scared after all...she's just one territorial high-energy princess.

In the past two weeks, we've incorporated lots of DQ's suggestions, and our home has definitely become calmer. It's not perfect, but we're so much closer to a livable situation.

Most of all, DQ made us feel affirmed about the good work we've done with Lucky thus far, informed about our kitty's unpleasant behaviors and empowered to make changes in our home. Previously, we had spent lots of time asking vets about her behavior, reading books and articles to find answers...all to no avail.  But within a few hours, DQ gave us a whole new perspective on what makes our little beast tick, and how we can better orchestrate our home and behavior to work with, rather than against, our furry friend.

Huge thanks to DQ. Lucky might not have loved him, but we sure do! 🙂

thumb Bethany C.
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