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I'm Home. You're Home. Let's Talk Cats!

I am available to “virtually” meet with cat guardians that live outside the San Francisco Bay Area via video chat applications like ZOOM.

Once an appointment is set, remote consultation clients may be asked to provide video, photos or written summaries of the cat behavior that they would like assistance with. These assets will help make the time more efficient for discussion and problem solving.

I will spend 30-60 minutes, troubleshooting your problem in collaboration with you, outlining actionable steps to take, providing links to useful products, services or enrichment recommendations for you and your cat. Follow up via email is free for 30 days.

The rate for remote ZOOM consultations is as follows and payment is accepted via PayPal:

  • $95 for 30 minutes
  • $199 for 60 minutes
  • $275 for 60 + 30 minute follow up
  • $375 for 60 minute for (2) 30 minute follow ups


DQ requests that book a 10 minute meet and greet zoom call before a home visit is scheduled.

When we are not living compatible lives with our cats, our homes can quickly become places that harbor stress, resentment, heartbreak and tension, rather than being the peaceful retreat and relaxation that we deserve to return to each day.

Cats have a hard time adjusting to living inside a box with us, day after day. Sometimes, their needs exceed their environments or their actions are simply a response to sharing their territory with our very particular… and HUMAN WAY of sharing our home with them.

In-Home consultations are truly the best way for me to get a clear understanding of cat behavior problems that are manifesting in your shared environment. Upon arrival at your home, I will begin the consultation by sitting with you in the room that you feel most comfortable, to review the information that you shared on your consultation request form. (This also gives the resident cats some time to adjust to a visitor, and allows for a consensual and fear-free introduction that provides for an accurate, real-time assessment of your cat’s characteristics and personality.)

Next, I will tour your home to locate resource areas like food stations, litterbox set setups, environmental enrichment such as cat trees, scratching posts and shared furniture, focusing especially on problem areas of the home, where tension, fighting, excessive meowing, inappropriate elimination or spraying are routinely occurring. (For problems that are specific to litterbox avoidance and spraying, I may use a UV black light to scan areas where accidents can be smelled, but not seen.)

For some cats, playtime or high-activity, attention-seeking and feeding routines may be our area of focus. I will spend some time demonstrating the fine art of interactive play and “food work” with your cat, as well as ways to “employ” your cat, to keep them focused on other activities, besides driving you nuts.

I will use visual aids and a tablet to share important links, products or services that will help you find a solution to your cat behavior problem. Although clients are encouraged to take notes during the consultation, written action plans are available upon request for an additional $25.

In-home consultation clients are eligible for 60 days of follow up advice via email or phone, for no additional charge. A typical in-home consultation appointment is 60-90 minutes long. Cat behavior problems take time to resolve, so your patience in collaboration for solutions is crucial.

RATES are determined on a sliding scale, based on distance travelled from San Francisco.* Follow up home visits are only discounted in San Francisco.*

HOME VISITS within 10 miles of SF are $300

Locations outside 20 miles of SF are $375-$400

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