My purr-sonal philosophy

Cats have a language all of their own and it takes a patient and positive approach to unravel that message and think outside the litterbox. As a Cat Behavior Consultant, I’ll help you see the world through your cat’s eyes, demystifying their behavior, body language, and everything else that makes them do what they do (often the things we don’t want them to do). I believe that cats thrive in environments that pay tribute to their independence and reduce their need to compete for resources. As their guardians, it is our duty to serve them and adjust our lifestyles to meet their individual needs.

No matter the problem, whether it’s peeing in the wrong spots, scratching, breaking or stealing our possessions, cat fights, bullying, meowing or any behavior that causes you or your feline friend distress, I’ll assess your dilemma and individually tailor a custom Action Plan that suits the specific needs of you and your feline companion. Together, we will collaborate on solutions that restore balance to your home and deepen your understanding of your feline friend.

Stop saying NO, CAT, NO! And change it to GO, CAT, GO!

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