Pick of the Litter

Selecting the right type of litter for your cats can be a little overwhelming these days. Holy smokes, there are so many brands and styles to choose from, each offering a different angle on the same dirty chore.

Let’s face it… some litter types cater to your laziness and intolerance for smelling what’s left behind in the litterbox. That’s ok.  Just be sure to factor in how your cat feels about your choice of litter. Sometimes the litter that is best for YOU isn’t always what your cat digs…ya dig?

I always recommended that my client’s use soft or sandy, unscented clumping litters that have a low impact on the environment. My first choice is always World’s Best Cat Litter, which is made of corn, dust free, soft on the paws and flushable!

Check out the chart below to see the differences between the most common litter types and some tips on keeping things copacetic with your cats. Thanks Petco!


Mark your turf

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