DQ joins the Acatemy!

The internet has provided a virtual dreamworld for cat-centrics. We’ve practically created our very own “Catlandia, with the increasing popularity of cat culture spreading like a colony of unfixed ferals.

It’s always been my mission to get my own purr-spective on cat behavior out to the masses. I look for any opportunity that allows me to share what I know about cats with people (like YOU) that are looking for answers to your cat crisis, or just looking to learn a little bit more about their furry buddies.

As it turns out, Meow Mix cat food has the same wish – they’ve just launched this amazing group called Meow Mix Acatemy, a one-of-a-kind society for cat lovers to learn cool expert insights, see cat-related news, and get special perks.

I have just joined the Acatemy team – along with many other top cat bloggers, authors, and ‘pet personalities’ – and you’re invited to join, too! Plus, all new members get a FREE bag of Meow Mix’s new Irresistibles Treats… pretty sweet deal.

Curious? Watch this video to find out more:

Mark your turf

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