The GCG Philosophy

Don’t panic…I’ve got you covered!

Are you experiencing a cat crisis? Is your resident feline making you frantic? Solving your crisis is my mission. I can  restore peace of mind to your home and help you rebuild your friendship with your feline friends. When your kitty is thinking outside the box, it’s time to call Go, Cat, Go!

This consulting service was started for one reason only… UNDERSTANDING!

Cats have a language all their own and it takes a patient and compassionate approach to unravel the message. I’ll help you see the world through your cat’s eyes, giving you the insight needed to decipher the message.

As a Cat Behavior Consultant, I have always been dedicated to saving lives and educating cat guardians on the  basics of behavior and body language.  I’m ready and available to share my knowledge and experience with YOU!

I’ll assess your feline dilemma and custom design an Action Plan to suit your individual needs.

Effective solutions are just a phone call…or email… away!

Don’t waste any more time. Get the compassionate care your best friend deserves. Stop saying,  “NO, CAT, NO!!!”…..

Call Go, Cat, Go!




  1. Hey Oscar! I never give away my grooming secrets. I will just say this… It’s all in the pomade. Keep it greasy!

    Although I won’t be posting any videos of my hair, there may be some cat behavior videos coming down the pipe!

    Stay tuned!

  2. Try Layrite. That’s easy to find in LA and its water soluble.

  3. to book a consult in San Francisco.

  4. Purrrfectcat says:

    Go, Daniel!! Every purrrecious cat out there needs a cat expert like you!!

  5. Daniel,

    Just discovered your blog! One of our cats has PICA and read that post with great interest. You and Jackson’s skills are definitely needed to help cats and their owners. Have you read the book, “Hiss and Tell: True Stories from the Files of a Cat Shrink,” by Pam Johnson-Bennett? It’s a fun and educational read at the same time. I especially marvelled at the story of the cat who only attacked his owner on Sundays, and how the reason was finally discovered. Thanks for helping all the cats who need your assistance!

  6. Purrrfectcat says:

    A Furrrocious Farewell to a Purrrrfect Purrrecious Green Team Leader and we will Miss You with full MEOWS!!

  7. Sure. Contact me at

  8. Email to set up a consult at your home.

  9. Thanks , I have just been searching for info approximately this subject for a while and yours is the best I have came upon so far. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the source?|What i do not realize is in fact how you’re no longer really much more smartly-liked than you might be now. You are very intelligent.

  10. The lack of knowledge when one brings a new animal into their home is unbelievable. Their hearts are in a good place but they need to be educated on the species. It saddens me because ultimately, when new guardians don’t take the time to learn, the pet is surrendered and if the shelter is crowded, it gets euthanized.

  11. Christy says:

    Hello I could really use some help in September I adopted a male doll faced persian, he was great up until about 7 months old. One day he randomly peed on my bed and then about a week later the couch and now it just a constant thing he does. He still goes in his litter box but if he has the chance he will pee on any bed in our home and our couch too. To make things worse he has now started to cry at 4 am for wet food. I would like to see if you can help, we have already replaced our mattress and thank god I put a water proof cover cause he peed on it last night. Please help I would be heart broken if I have to get rid of him. Oh yeah we got him neutered a few months ago.

  12. kalen polizzi says:

    My cat is being violent towards our house guests but not towards our children or us as his owners. I need some help to understand why he is doing this. He will bite some house guests and others he will not like he chooses who he likes and who he doesnt.

  13. Any advice or experience toilet training cats (to use the human toilet)?? We’re stuck on a level because she still wants to bury everything. She’s agile, 3 years, very good kitty and responds to praise.

  14. halja59 says:

    Hello. I m from italy and i need help for my cat. I consulted several pet trainers and vets but the problem is still PRESENT.
    My male sterilized cat makes poo ON MY BED.
    Is it possible to have a consult with you just to understand WHY MY CAT BEHAVES LIKE THAT??
    Thanks a lot

  15. Susan Adams says:

    I had called the other day about my cat urinating on my bed , clothes, furniture and doors. She’s been doing this for a long time and I’ve tried multiple different types of cat boxes, little, placements, etc. I’m at my wits end. I have two cats and the other does not do that. I use to think it was a power struggle but they both attack each other. Emme is the one who urinates, especially in the bedroom. Missie only goes into the room when I’m there. I’ve had them both for a long time and Emme has been doing this for almost as long as I’ve had her. Missie came a yr later and is a yr younger. If you can’t help me, is there anyone else you can recommend. I’ll have to get rid of her if I can’t get help.

  16. Erica Ruiz says:

    Hello, my name is Erica. Last year my boyfriend and I found and adopted an orange tabby male who was about 5weeks old. He’s now a little over a year old and is a strictly indoor cat. He’s always played with us slightly aggressively, especially with my boyfriend. But he’s always been very sweet and loving to us. Yesterday, he jumped onto my boyfriends chest to be pet, then seemingly out of no where became frantic. He began to hiss and howl and attack me and my boyfriend. All day while I was at work, he hid, stalked and went out of his way to attack my boyfriend. Afraid he might have an injury he’s trying to hide, I took him to a vet. He seemed fine there, And they said he’s very healthy. They recommended we keep him isolated and observe him. We’ve kept him isolated in our bedroom with food, water and his litter box. I’ve been giving him rescue remedy drops in his food each meal and sprayed a calming spray all around. This morning, when I went into the room, he seemed fine. He greeted me and was acting very affectionate. But when my boyfriend went in to feed him, he began his aggressive behavior again. He seems fine around me, but not Graham. Graham is going through health problems and is getting seriously frustrated with our cats behavior.
    Please, if you could help with advice on why he’s acting up and how we can correct the behavior. I wouldn’t never want to give him away, I know Graham wouldn’t want to either. But we live in a small apartment and there’s not much space to separate them.

    Thank you for any advice you can give!
    -Erica Ruiz

  17. Are you aware of geriatric cat care/adoptions sites. My neighbors abandoned their very old sweet kitty and then moved. Another neighbor and I have been caring for her (Vet visits, flea and tick meds, food and clean water) but we both have dogs houses. She roams the neighborhood but bunks down under our porch each night. As she gets older and much skinnier I worry about coyotes and raccoons attacking her. I know dogs have Mutttown as an old dog adoption option. Any luck for our little one?

    • Hi Debbie,

      I don’t know of any age specific rescues. There are some smaller rescues in SF and the Bay Area that take on special needs cats. Sometimes the shelters also have lists of rescues that help them with intake. It might be worth a call or two to gather some resources.

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  19. Tina Semba says:

    Need help with 2 cats who don’t get along. Both rescues, older one injured (broken arm) and shy. New cat is a kitten, aggressive and playful. Older cat doesn’t like her.

    We live in Palo Alto. How much do you charge?

  20. Genevieve Herreria says:

    Hi there – our cat sitter (the fabulous Alicia Yanow from Pets Best Friend) recommended you and I also just left you a voicemail.

    Our two kitties Clark (10) and Tiger (7) just started fighting after 3 years of living peacefully with each other. I suspect that Clark may have become stressed when I fostered a shy kitten about six weeks ago. After about four days of fostering, I noticed that Clark was starting to hiss violently at Tiger whenever they came in close contact, and so I immediately transferred the foster to another volunteer. I’ve tried to soothe both Clark and Tiger since then, showing them equal attention and love, and although I thought Clark was getting a little more comfortable, they just got in a huge fight and it scared me immensely. (I was between them and got hurt, and both cats really went at it.)

    Clark (a shorthair) is much smaller than Tiger (a Maine Coon). Clark also had been declawed before we adopted him, whereas Tiger does damage with his huge claws. I’ve found clumps of Clark’s fur around my apartment, presumably from fighting, and scabs on him too (also presumably from fighting). Clark is usually a sweet, aloof guy; to see him hiss and fight so violently that he drools is awful. He’s also peed on me at night during an almost fight with Tiger, and I think he might be peeing on my bed sometimes and leaving stool in other parts of the apartment. He’s never, ever done anything like that 😦

    Please help! I am so heartbroken and confused; I don’t know how to help my poor cats. They’re my loves.

    I love in Lower Pacific Heights in am willing to do an appointment any time.

    Thank you so much,

  21. Gail Grado says:

    cat in crisis! Please help! You came highly recommended! Thank you!

  22. Julie Claessens says:

    Just spoke on IG (juju2257). How much do you charge for an email consult or FaceTime chat?

  23. Catandra says:

    Great article on you in Wired magazine! Congrats!

  24. i have a 19 year old cat who feels that it is neccisary to pee all over me and my bed multiple times a week. Its getting out of hand and I don’t think it’s pee, because it doesn’t smell like it is. But I’m not sure if girl cats mark their territory that way. I noticed she does it when people are in my room and when I’ve been gone all day. This just started in the past year I want to say. I really hope you can help because I don’t know what to do to make this stop.

  25. Julie Dickens says:

    Litter? Help! I’m stumped. The smell is driving me insane these days. We’ve been avid Feline Pine users for 6 years, that’s how old our Furrbabies are. Lolo, the younger twin boy was diagnosed with diabetes just about two months ago (I’m slightly over the horrendous guilt I feel for completely missing all the signs)…and I bought a bag of Dr Elseys (spelling?) cat little-blue bag, thinking it might be easier for him to bury his business since he’s walking on his hocks. The smell, a lot because they are eating more wet food, I just can’t stand! Any suggestions? I’m changing litter…both boxes, twice a day, and still the house reeks! I’m afraid to have people over!

  26. Is there any help from you guys in Los Angeles? My cat has been terrorizing my apartment with peeing/spraying for too long now. Desperately need help.

  27. Lisa Polinder says:

    My 18 y.o. cat, whom I’ve had since she was freshly hatched, has been developing an only-drinking-out-of-the-bathroom-sink fetish. Ugh. If I even think about getting up to pee in the middle of the night she is boink wide awake jumping and crying at the sink and she will drink steady for about 10 minutes which seems like a half an hour or worse when you’re trying to stay asleep for work in the morning. Grump. BUT I think it’s mostly my fault because I have been encouraging her and her twin sister to drink as much fresh tap water as possible. Her sis is fine and normal liking to drink out of the sink a couple of times a week and I keep their water vases clean and away from their food. What to do…I know obviously try to get kitteh to not be fixated but…How and should I?! Thanks!!

  28. Charlene Walton says:

    When I was in the process of moving I couldn’t bring my cats who are littermate.
    sisters with me at first. When I was able to bring them with me I could only find one while her sister was hiding in the basement of my former home. I have just now been able to bring the other one home now the act like they are their worst enemy. I don’t let them get into bad fights as I try to distract one or both with a laser toy. What else can I do to help them?

  29. Sarah Scherer says:

    Hello !
    I’m desperate for some help. I have 2 male cats, both fixed. I’ve had them for 6 years. Rescued them as kittens together. Recently one escaped outside and we found him a few hours later and brought him back in. The cat who didn’t escape has been violently attacking the one who escaped. Hissing , swatting , growling and chasing him in a non playful way. We gave them both baths and are trying to separate them with small “reintroductions” but it’s not working. Any advice ? Thank you

  30. Hi I wished I would of found you earlier. I’ve put my cat down since he had attacked 2 neighbours kids and his family to the point he was locked in the basement howling and singing sounds. My son and I were terrified of him. He turned from a calm kind cat to a territorial demon. I now have only his litter sister who was his victim at times. My heart aches, I miss him , for 4 years he was a dream pet. I wished I did more for him. I will never get another pet. With this experience, I feel I could only volunteer at animal shelters to give love to all those pets who need it.

  31. Brenton Cooper says:

    Hello. I am in desperate need for help curbing my cat Kona’s constant neglect of her litter box for urination. She uses it to go number 2 but refuses to pee in it and pees under my bed instead. The instant I hear her paws rubbing against the floor I am immediately triggered. It’s insanely frustrating. She is only 10 months and recently spayed, which I though would help her problems but it hasn’t. Please figure out wats wrong with my cat. I live in a tiny 11×11 room that doesn’t hold the stench of cat piss well. I am so tired of this happening. What is up with my cat?

  32. Noreen McElroy says:

    My mom just adopted an adorable kitten named Oliver who was abandoned. He loves to play but does so by bitting a lot. Her hands are all cut up it’s so bad. The vet says he was not with has mama long enough to learn better manners. Is there a good way for humans to help him learn to break this habit?

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