The GCG Philosophy

Don’t panic…I’ve got you covered!

Are you experiencing a cat crisis? Is your resident feline making you frantic? Solving your crisis is my mission. I can  restore peace of mind to your home and help you rebuild your friendship with your feline friends. When your kitty is thinking outside the box, it’s time to call Go, Cat, Go!

This consulting service was started for one reason only… UNDERSTANDING!

Cats have a language all their own and it takes a patient and compassionate approach to unravel the message. I’ll help you see the world through your cat’s eyes, giving you the insight needed to decipher the message.

As a Cat Behavior Consultant, I have always been dedicated to saving lives and educating cat guardians on the  basics of behavior and body language.  I’m ready and available to share my knowledge and experience with YOU!

I’ll assess your feline dilemma and custom design an Action Plan to suit your individual needs.

Effective solutions are just a phone call…or email… away!

Don’t waste any more time. Get the compassionate care your best friend deserves. Stop saying,  “NO, CAT, NO!!!”…..

Call Go, Cat, Go!



  1. Thanks so much for coming by today. I’m excited to use your suggestions to place food around the house in various feeding devices and traps at multiples times a day/night to not only feed Kibitz’s stomach but also his hunting/catching desires as well. I’m also going to get some of those treats you showed me too. Can’t wait for your next workshop! Kibitz thanks you for being an awesome cat trainer and advocate for more feedings!

  2. Ann C Springgate says:

    Thanks for responding. I’m desperate- if you could contact me quickly I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Yes!

  4. Ann Springgate says:

    Do you do house calls to San Rafael?

  5. Hi!

    Have a 13 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old cat situation. You actually helped me at the SPCA when I adopted my first cats.

    My newest kitten is very playful and the two younger cats are ganging up on the older one. She has taken up residence in my closet. Recently she 💩 in my clothes hamper. I am thinking she is too freaked out to use the litter box so I put one in the closet with her. I’m just looking to improve everyone’s life!

    Any suggestions would be great. I want to keep all of them of course and think it could work if they could stop attacking her. thank you!

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