The GCG Philosophy

Don’t panic…I’ve got you covered!

Are you experiencing a cat crisis? Is your resident feline making you frantic? Solving your crisis is my mission. I can  restore peace of mind to your home and help you rebuild your friendship with your feline friends. When your kitty is thinking outside the box, it’s time to call Go, Cat, Go!

This consulting service was started for one reason only… UNDERSTANDING!

Cats have a language all their own and it takes a patient and compassionate approach to unravel the message. I’ll help you see the world through your cat’s eyes, giving you the insight needed to decipher the message.

As a Cat Behavior Consultant, I have always been dedicated to saving lives and educating cat guardians on the  basics of behavior and body language.  I’m ready and available to share my knowledge and experience with YOU!

I’ll assess your feline dilemma and custom design an Action Plan to suit your individual needs.

Effective solutions are just a phone call…or email… away!

Don’t waste any more time. Get the compassionate care your best friend deserves. Stop saying,  “NO, CAT, NO!!!”…..

Call Go, Cat, Go!




  1. I’m about to give my cat away. I never ever thought I would get to this place with my beloved pet, but here we are. I got a divorce last year and now live in an apartment with my cat. His meowing at night and early morning is way too much. If I lived in a house it would be different, but I’m in an apartment and his meowing disturbs not just me, but my neighbors.
    I’ve had him for 12 years and I can’t take the meowing anymore.I don’t have the patience anymore. It’s gut wrenching, but it’s my health from lack of sleep at stake. I can’t just let him meow all night. I’ve read all the online articles
    And tried just about everything. Before I take him to a shelter, is there anything you can do?

  2. Hi,
    I was referred to you by Mike Hogan. I would like to set up a consult anout our wonderful boys Moonlight and Mango. Mango has severe animal pica. Thank you.

  3. Wendy Blume says:

    Our newest cat is peeing on one spot of the bed. It’s happening everyday. She also uses the litter box and we have 2 older male cats who are not friendly to her. We’re sure there’s no uti. Can you help us. We’re in Tucson but can communicate via email or phone.

  4. I got my cat about 4 years ago when she was about 9 months to a year old. I got her with her sister at the same time. About 9 months to a year later I got 2 more female cats. In between getting the new cats she was spayed. Ever since the arrival of the newest cats she does nothing but growl at the other cats including her sister and myself. I feel like now she should be in an only cat home. I don’t want to give her up but I want to do what’s in her best interest.

  5. Leanne perry says:

    I have a male cat. And recently got a female kitten. He is not keen!! She just wants to play with him. She will follow him around trying to get his attention. He just hisses and growls at her. Gives her swipe every now and then. He can’t wait to get back outside. The only time he relaxes is when I put her in the kitty box just so he can come in and not be pestered.

  6. Robyn Mendoza says:

    I would like to speak with you regarding a consultation of our cats. One of them is marking in our bedroom and we need suggestions in how to stop this behavior.
    We have 3 male cats all from the same litter. This behavior started in the last 9 months. Thank you

  7. Hi there. I have 2 males that I adopted together about 3.5 years ago. They were both only days old when found and bottle fed by the same amazing rescue person. Well this past year their fighting has become brutal and they have marked around the outside of the entire living room and dining room areas ( carpeted areas). I do not want to get rid of them but I am living in my parents house and they are done with them. (Im gone a couple nights a week). Could you please help?? I’m in Petaluma

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